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Local Computer and Technology Classes

Do you need in-person, hands-on computer or phone training? Well you are in luck! San Diego has two excellent free or low-cost computer training resources that are relatively close to Rolando. 

The first is San Diego OASIS. This is a local education program for lifelong learning and healthy aging targeted towards people 55 and up. They offer excellent classes on fitness and taxes as well as technology topics. Some of their topics include introduction to Android and iPhone, how to use Uber, Facebook, Air Bnb, cord cutting, and more. There are also good classes on how to avoid scammers and identity theft. The classes are usually just $10 to $15 for 90 minutes, they meet during the day, and they fill up fast. It is best to check their calendar every month as they add new classes all the time. San Diego OASIS is located in the Grossmont Center mall. Just go to their website and search on the left for the class type that interests you:  


San Diego Continuing Education is a completely free resource that is aimed at more advanced techies. They do some awesome non-technical classes like cooking and sewing, but where they really shine is with their free IT certification classes. They are targeted towards people who want to change careers or who really want in-depth computer knowledge. Courses range from basic PC repair and web design all the way up to how to manage huge data centers. This is a great training program for people considering a job in IT, those of us already in the field who want to stay current, or for people who just want to geek out. These classes are also small and fill up fast. They are taught on a quarterly basis and are more like a traditional college class. Most classes are in the evening, but many are taught during the work day as well. There are campuses all around the city and their current course catalog is:


If you are looking for something more personalized you can always turn to your friendly neighborhood IT professional for individual tutoring with your devices.